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Hawkes Hounds Bulletin

Very pleased to tell you that the Hawkes Hounds cards for 2020 are out and you can get yours here in my newly made shop. I've wanted to get cards out for ages, and one of the few benefits of lockdown has been the chance to work on this, and Ta Dah - here they are.

Ducks and Dogs are included in the selection.

Animal Rescue centres have been greatly affected by the COVID19 lockdowns this year, and RAYSTEDE in East Sussex have offered shelter to 2000 animals a year up until now. Despite the COVID19 restirctions they have managed to adapt their service and still take animals at risk in as well as offering a rehoming service. Needless to say their fundraising initiatives have been reduced this year. Donkeys, ducks, guinea pigs and chinchillas as well as dogs and cats are all offered a refuge there in peaceful open countryside. I am going to donate 10% of the sale proceeds from my cards to Raystede this year and will let you know how we do.


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