Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a hound ?

It takes 4 - 6 weeks to make a hound from start to finish. Character and style take time to develop. I start with the head, long  or short snout ? big  or short pricked ears ? Once I have the head made I sketch out the body a pattern is made up. I think about how the hound is going to stand or sit and how the fabrics will behave.

What are they made of  ?

Heads are created from woolly or fleecy walking socks, sometimes upcycled with wonderfully felted heels or new. Bodies are fashioned from a range of fabrics, wool, cashmere, tweed or fleece coating. Upcycled, cleaned and prepared for use. Stuffing is a mixture of hollow fibre fill, natural cotton kapok, rice filled paws and occasionally bottoms. Larger hounds are wired in the legs to support them and enable movement.

How are the faces made ?

Each face is needle felted using roving wool to create details, every eye is needle felted and noses are created from boiled wool, stitched and needle felted. I have developed a technique over time that gradually builds up the hounds features.

Where can I see a hound for real ?

Keep an eye on the Hawkes Hounds facebook page for exhibitions and events where you can meet a hound  

Do you sell online ?

If I am selling any of my work  directly I will post details on my Facebook page Hawkes Hounds from time to time read about work in progress on facebook. I post my latest makes on instagram here

Do you sell patterns?

No patterns are available for sale at the moment.

Can I post about your work on my website or blog ?

Please feel free to share away, but please credit me and my artwork. Please do not recreate my work, everyone has their own style, please find yours.

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